Published October 5, 2012 by jaynemansfield2000

Had never thought about it until today just how overwhelming & exhausting it is to have depression.

Everything takes at least twice as long to do/finish – that’s if you have the energy to start something AND if you don’t get distracted once begun.

But also, being clinically depressed is so exhausting!

Some days I sleep between 14 – 17 hours a day.  Other days I keep dozing off in the middle of doing things (at home of course).  Last night I fell asleep eating dinner (alone thankfully) with a mouthful of meat.

When I awoke my 1st thought was I was glad I hadn’t choked/died!

Altho that would have cured the depression – joking here *cheeky smiles*

Ciao for now

Hello World :-)

Published October 3, 2012 by jaynemansfield2000

Not the most original greeting or introduction, but for the geeks amongst you, it needs no explanation.


For others, it is, I believe, the very first line of programming code written by someone at some point in computer or internet history (without the smiley face).


What’s the point in my little story?  2 things I guess.


1st is that I often come up with all sorts of little gems/facts/stories/crap – any or all depending on the topic & the source of the info & my level of interest, however sometimes I forget some of the vital details & encourage feedback to fill in the gaps


2nd is that I can usually find something with which to fill a minute or two if I need to, or I can write on a topic in depth if it’s something which really interests me.


Time will tell which of these two will dominate my time here, I can only hope that it’s regular & worth reading.  Maybe quirky things will pop up now & then too.


So, until next time,



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